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A small selection of images taken at a recent wedding this year.

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Recent Wedding Image
Featured Wedding

A small selection of images taken at a recent wedding this year.

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Why book a Professional Wedding Photographer?

Should we book a Professional Photographer? My Uncle can do it and we could save hundreds of pounds!!
The above statement is very true, but when it comes to choosing a wedding photographer it is vital you do your homework and follow some simple but effective procedures to ensure you use a wedding photographer who can create a beautiful album of photographs just to your taste.

After all, when the cake’s gone, the wedding dress is put away and everyone’s stopped talking about it, your photographs will be all you have left to remind you of one of the most important day of your life.
It is estimated that professional wedding photographers only shoot around 50 per cent of all weddings in the UK, which means there are a lot of newly married couples with only amateur – and often terrible – photographs of the their wedding!

Since the conception of Digital Cameras, more people are now calling themselves professional photographers, everyone is now a photographer! So-called Professionals with five-minuet experience, keen ammeters and family friends that once took a lovely picture of their baby daughter, are now all offering their services. Though some may do a good job. Creative and memorable wedding photography involves experience, training and an understanding of what is required to cover a wedding. It is not something that we are born with. Some may have an eye for a good photograph, but when you have to use that eye for over a hundred photos on one wedding, it can become a little blind!!

Although your cousin, uncle, aunt or best friend may have all the best intentions of making your wedding photos wonderful, the end result can often be disastrous because without the specialist equipment, knowledge and skill, getting wedding photographs right is a very tough job. In fact even amongst the professionals it is one of the most demanding types of photography. Also please bare in mind at acara we are contacted on average about three times a year, by couples that have been let down by friends or family member and so called professionals, (with five minuets experience), that were going to do their wedding photography, but have then palled out an the last minuet. Sometimes we are able to help, but sometimes we can’t!!

You must choose wisely. Look for experience, length of time in the business and also. Do you think this person can control all my guests on a cold wet day in June!! Because they have the latest digital camera, it dose not make them a professional photographer.

For this reason it is advisable to always use a professional wedding photographer. You need to bear in mind this will cost more than paying a friend to do it and some times we are booked months, or even years, in advance, so you must book your photographer as soon as you set the big day.
There are many other benefits to using a professional wedding photographer. Among them are that the photographer will be timely – arriving at your wedding on time and getting the photographs done speedily – and a professional photographer will have all the right equipment to capture your wedding day in the best possible way.

Please remember that your photographs (and the video, if you have one) will be your only permanent record of your wedding day, so it’s worth paying more to make sure your photographs are exceptional.

View Samples. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Make an appointment for the opportunity to see examples of past wedding that have taken. We are able to offer photography in a range of styles to suit your wedding theme with over 20 years of experience in wedding photography there is not much we have not come across.

When looking at the samples please be aware of the good mix of portrait and groups shots, and that the photos show detail in the faces and dresses and that we endeavour to avoid distracting detail in the background. (Which photographers of lesser years may not see), also an experienced photographer should be able to offer ideas for good locations for the wedding photo shoot.


Decide what aspect of your wedding day you would like to have covered by the photographer. Will you only want the ceremony captured or do you want the photographer to be there all day, up to the first dance? Once you’ve made your choice, you can tell us on your first meeting, so we will able to help plan the timetable for your big day.


Outline exactly what you want as soon as possible. The date, time and location of the wedding, along with the kind of service you require, how many people you expect to attend, what type of album, (storybook or conventional), and what size prints you’ll want. Whether you’ll want larger photos to display on your wall at home, this can be sorted out at a later stage, even after the wedding.

Because we are so passionate about photography, if you have any questions regarding wedding photography you wish to ask, please call. We are more that happy to help, even if you have booked another photographer and just wish to ask as question that’s on you mind. Please do call and ask.

Lastly! Even if Acara, is not booked to undertake your wedding photography. Please always book a Professional Photographer!

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